How E-Cigs Should Be Stored

Whether you are vaping for the first time or you just want to take better care of your e-cigs, it’s important to know how to store this products for your safety and for their protection. Buying an e-cig is an investment, and it’s not one you want to take lightly. It can be expensive to replace a good electronic cigarette, so we have a few tips to help you take better care of yours.

Protect from Basic Wear and Tear

If you take your e-cig with you just about everywhere you go, then you are going to see it get damaged over time. It will accrue small scratches, get dropped, be exposed to excessive heat or water and more. To protect it, we suggest getting some sort of carrying case or packaging for it to be stored in. Many websites online supply accessories for e cigarettes. A toothbrush holder, flashlight holster or any other small enclosure would be perfect for most vaporizers. The size of your electric cigarette will partially determine what type of protection you can put it in, and you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t squeezing or crushing it by putting it inside something that’s too small or able to be damaged itself.

Store Upright

One of the best ways to protect your e-cig during storage is to keep it upright. This prevents liquid from draining out and getting into components of the e-cig. Your e-liquid can deplete like this. It also protects your e-cig from dirt, dust and other particles that get inside and cause damage or wear. Keeping the device upright ensures it stays clean and protected, which allows it to last longer and need less maintenance.

It’s best to store it upright when you are carrying it as well. Even if you store it in your pocket, you still want to keep the e-cig upright, if at all possible. Try to package your e-cig into something that will keep it from rolling around or becoming dislodged from an upright position.

Protect from the Elements

One of the worst ways to damage your e-cig is to expose it to the elements. Excessive heat or cold can mess with the e-liquid, degrade the battery and wear on the device. You need to keep the e-cig in a dry place that’s not overly hot or cold. You may need to take extra precautions in the very hot or very cold months of the year.

It’s not a good idea to leave your e-cig in your vehicle at night or in the middle of the day, and room temperature is perfect for it. Your vehicle can become incredibly cold or incredibly hot at times, and it’s best to keep your e-cig on you rather than allow it to experience the elements in an unsafe peace.

You want to store it in your home when you are able to, and perhaps on your person when you are out and about. It can get a little cold or hot and still be fine, but those extreme temperatures are what you want to watch out for. If the temperature is cold or hot enough to cause you pain,then it is probably too extreme for your e-cig.

A little extreme heat or cold may not cause damage, though, so don’t toss your e-cig or e-liquid out just because of some short exposure. What you really need to watch for is when the e-cig or its paraphernalia is exposed for long periods of time. That can cause irreversible damage and require you to replace it.